So, this blog is about my research into mythology. Specifically Old Norse mythology, but even if most of the material will be taken from the Old Norse culture, the background motivation is to show something about myth itself. Myths all around the world have some similar features, not necessarily in their contents and specific motifs, but in the way of thinking – the result are narratives which seem usually very surreal and unrealistic, being closer to dream than to everyday reality. My attempt is to shed light into at least some of the ‘surreal logic’ of mythology and to show how it is closely connected with the nature of human mind.

You will find here a number of my papers, posters, lectures, interviews and blog posts. I hope they might be interesting for all people who are as puzzled as me about the nature of myth. The content of this webpage came to be as the result of my 2018-2020 Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellowship at the University of Bergen in Norway.